The Diagnostic Test for English Students (DTES) is a series of tests of English for children, adolescents and adults. All versions are focused on the use of English in a simple, relevant and meaningful way, bypassing the need of a preparation course.

Diagnostic Test for English Students

DTES is divided into two sections:
Written communication: reading and writing
Oral and auditory communication: speaking and listening

The objective of these tests is to measure the performance of the candidate in the four language skills.

  1. Levels
    1. DTES 1 Aimed at primary level students, teenagers and young adults who have a level of English that is within the range CENNI 2-9 and A1-B1 CEFR.
    2. DTES 2 Aimed at secondary level students, young adults and adults who have a level of English that is within the range 6-11 CENNI or A2-B2 CEFR.
    3. DTES 3 Aimed at young adults, adults, general public and English teachers who wish to certify their mastery level against the CENNI framework. Candidates' level of English must be within the range CENNI 9-14 or CEFR B1-C1-.
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  2. Recognition
    1. The DTES tests reach international standards for the assessment of language skills and have been validated by recognized experts in the area.

      In addition, DTES tests have the recognition of the Secretaria de Educación Pública (SEP) and measure language proficiency within the official framework CENNI.

      The DTES do not assign a rating, but determine the CENNI level in which the candidate is located. Depending on the type of DTES test taken, the candidate will receive one of the following official documents:

      CENNI Certificado I (Elemental)

      CENNI Certificado II (Intermedio)

      CENNI Certificado III (Intermedio Superior)

      CENNI Certificado IV (Avanzado)

  3. Requirements
    1. To obtain a CENNI certificate, candidates must submit the following documents:

      4 color 2.5 x 3 photographs Taken in a photo studio White background Matte finish No bangs, glasses or accessories Copy of official identification (IFE/INE, passport, professional license, or cartilla SMN)
      Copy of their CURP
      CENNI application form (Completed online) printed and signed

      Important notice:

      If the candidate is a minor, the application must be signed by the mother, father or legal guardian and they must attach the following documentation:
      A photocopy of the official identification card of the person signing the application form Copy of child's original birth certificate Copy of the child's school id

  4. Registration
    1. Check here to see our list of upcoming tests. Registration closes one week before the day of the exam.

  5. DTES Practice Pack
    1. DTES Practice Pack is a tool to familiarize candidates with the structure and types of exercises found in the listening and reading comprehension sections of the Diagnostic Test for English Students (DTES). It includes practice activities for each level in the CENNI and CEFR ranges; as well as timed tests to help students get used to working within time limits.
      This helps aspiring candidates to define the ideal strategies to employ during the test.

      Buy DTES Practice Pack (Applies only for exams that take place at the Macmillan Corporate offices).

      More information on MPO
  6. Results
    1. The results of the DTES are posted on the RedNova Consultants website within twenty working days from the date of the exam application and delivery of certificates will take place in a period not exceeding sixteen weeks from the notification of results.

      However, one should consider that the management and issuance of the certificate is carried out by the Dirección General de Acreditación, Incorporación y Revalidación (DGAIR), therefore RedNova Consultants is not responsible for any delay in the delivery date thereof.

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